Our Professional Pond, Fountain and Waterfall Maintenance


Is your water feature in need of some assistance?

As the temperature rises and the rains fall, some ponds go through an algae bloom. The water turns green like pea soup and then the algae starts to grow out of control. Call Us Today! 847.830.4140


Tom’s Pond Service is offering a one-time maintenance service call to check and treat your water feature.
The cost would be around $250.00, depending on the size of your water garden(s).

The service call consists of:
1. Turning the water feature off to better clean the filters, rocks and bottom (shutting off the pump lets
the chemicals sink to the bottom and really work on the algae and sludge).
2. Remove and power wash skimmer and biofall filter mats and reinstall.
3. Remove pump and clean skimmer net, basket or brush kit and reinstall.
4. Remove any algae, garbage, sticks, leaves and any other debris and dispose of.
5. Treat the pond with a dry bacteria, a liquid and powder algaecide and a sludge remover.
6. Add water to pond as needed.
7. Adjust automatic waterfill, if necessary.
8. Restart pond and continue to remove debris and algae that floats to the surface and dispose of.
9. Adjust timer and check all lights and transformer.
10. Reset loose or fallen rocks.

SPECIAL NOTE:    Skimmer net, basket or brush kit needs to be cleaned regularly, especially after an algaecide has been added to the pond